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We offer business owners and managers hassle free products and services allowing you to focus on the day-to-day needs of your business. Preston National Bank has catered to business clients in the Dallas area since 1985 and we're proud of our reputation as a local, independent, decisive bank where getting to know you is a priority, not just a statement.

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Our competitive commercial checking account requires a minimum opening deposit of $500.00 with a monthly service charge of $10.00. For each check paid, there is a charge of $.25 and for each deposit made, there is a charge of $.20. Deposit items are processed at $.15 each. Analysis earnings credit is available for high volume accounts.

When it comes to offering Small Business owners access to a full service checking account without any service fees, Preston National Bank has the solution. Open a small business account with a minimum deposit of $200.00. To avoid a $10.00 monthly service fee, keep an average daily balance of $5,000.00. With a Small Business checking account the first 300 items are Free. These can be a combination of checks written or deposited items. Any items over the 300 limit are $.25 each. 

Commercial Money Market Accounts

Our Money Market account requires a $2,500.00 minimum deposit with interest paid monthly on the average collected balance. Should the balance fall below $2,500.00 at any time during the month, a $10.00 service charge will be applied. Withdrawals are limited to 6 third party or pre-authorized transfers per monthly statement cycle, with no more than 3 by check, and unlimited withdrawals in person. Contact us at (972) 960-6000 for rate tiers and current interest rates.

Saving is made simple at Preston National Bank. A minimum deposit of $200.00 opens a savings account. Interest is paid on the calendar quarter and statements are mailed quarterly. If you have any electronic transactions your statement is mailed monthly. A minimum balance fee of $5.00 may be applied every quarterly statement cycle if the average daily balance for the quarter falls below $200.00. The first 3 withdrawals per quarter are free; afterwards a fee of $2.00 each will apply.

Preston National Bank offers a variety of other services for our customers. They include change orders, night depository, wire transfers, telephone transfers, traveler's checks, money orders and cashier's checks.

Preston National Bank makes banking easy for you. We will recieve and process your account receivables reducing the time you and your staff spend processing checks. For more information contact our Customer Service Representatives at (972) 960-6000.

Processing bankcard sales at Preston National Bank may help increase your profit and reduce your risk with immediate credit approval. Preston National Bank Merchant Services is capable of processing both personal and business card transactions for both MasterCard® & VISA® cards. For further information please contact our Customer Account Representatives @ (972) 960-6000.

Need a Commercial VISA® Credit Card with a low Annual Percentage Rate? Contact us today!

If PNB VISA ® Credit Card/Mastercard is lost, stolen or found call 1-800-325-3678.

With Preston National Bank's 24-hour Telephone Banking system you can obtain account balances, determine when a check has paid, and transfer funds between your accounts with a simple phone call. Call (972) 716-0062 to access your accounts day or night.

Employers are turning increasingly to electronic payroll cards as a cost-effective way to reduce the burden of writing and processing checks. Payroll cards can eliminate the need to stand in line and pay high fees at a check-cashing store. Instead of receiving a paper paycheck, the employee will receive a reusable card that allows access to their funds. Using a PIN number, payroll cardholders can withdraw funds at any ATM and make purchases at local retail locations where a PIN number can be entered at POS (point-of-sale) terminals.


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